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Reaching of My American Dream

Reaching of My American Dream. The 30 minutes story of Muslim in the US for the final project of video documentary. This documentary is about the importance of education in our life. It will reveal the struggle for Muslim students to pursue their dream by studying in the U.S. Framing by the American Dream, this will conclude the thesis that, the Muslim value has strong relation with the values of American Dream.

Detail Project 
I had already thought about this topic. Initially, I thought I would made a documentary about Muslim students in US. I consulted this topic to my colleague. Then, he advised me that the topic was too shallow. I realized that I need a framing for this story. Therefore, I thought American Dream could be a nice and hittable framing. To combine American Dream by freedom of expression with the values in Islamic as religion.

Inspired by Moon Cake Festival; Internationalizing Nganggung Bangka

Yesterday, the International students from China held Moon-cake Festival as a part of Mid_autumn Festival. The celebration took place under the Hindsman Tower of the Arkansas Tech University in Russellville Arkansas. There, the event organizer’s officials provided the guest with a lot of cakes with different kind of flavor as well as some kind of tea. The event actually matched with the supermoon phenomenon recognized with its red color.
Wikipedia said that “The Mid-Autumn Festival is aharvest festival celebrated by ethnicChinese andVietnamese people.[1][2] The festival is held on the 15th day of the eighth month in the ChineseHan calendar andVietnamese calendar (within 15 days of theautumnal equinox), on the night of thefull moon between early September to early October of theGregorian calendar.