Rabu, 10 Desember 2014

Ternyata ini Buktinya, Kemat atau Pelet ala Bangka diterapkan di Amerika

Here the video as my final assignment for the story telling course. An old black magic incantation to grab woman love. In Indonesia, it is a shaman work. He will give the spray that had been spelled to a man who desperate and fail in love. In Bangka Belitung, it was called Kemat Cast Nahid, Azumi, Eduardo, "Shaman", Kana Music Backsound PremiumMusic__Instrumental_Version__-_Cinematic_Desperate_Hopeless_Emotional_Documentary_Drama_Movie_Grand_Piano_Theme_Soundtrack_007 PremiumMusic__Instrumental_Version__-_Cinematic_Thrilling_Suspenseful_Mysterious_Documentary_Movie_Grand_Piano_Theme_Soundtrack_005 Roger_Subirana_Mata_-_The_Ghost Story board and Directed : Iksander
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