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Do we really reliable on technology?

Nowadays, it is inevitable that people become more reliable with the technology to solve problems. As a result, most of people think that the ability to think for themselves will surely be deteriorate. But, I am of the opinion that technology actually give us strong foundation to increase the ability to think. In contrast to deteriorating of thinking, a reliable for technology even support our ideas and imagination existed in the digital era.

First of all, we need to consider about technology help us to improve for daily task. Perhaps, most of us thought that technology made us a little bit lazy because it could finish some of daily tasks. In contrast, I disagree with previously assumption, technology obviously has given greatest support especially in daily life. As people growth, more invention founded and it assisted us to finish our daily task. For example, before the car invention, people used horse to go to workplace, later on, when we arrived at the workplace, we still used penci…

Why thinking positively is a must

Living far from home needs an adaptation in order to live normally among people around us. Especially, when we starting a permanent living or just temporal living as a university student. We will face a lot of characteristic and find different situations ahead among community. That’s why, for some people, they might think money is important supporting for this new phase, but other might think we must encourage mentality to adapt. In most cases, I believe that it is better for all concern if we are as a person needs to think positively with other people in our daily relations, particularly / specifically if he is planning to move to strange place as a new comer.

First of all, it is important to consider psychological influences. Off course, the mental condition might be different among person to person. But, some psychologist assumed that person with positively thinking is capable to drive his brain to command his motoric to be positive actions. By way of example, I can recall trying to…