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Becoming Photographer Part 2

The mass hunting, once again become the best medium for all photographers in my islands, and I thought it will be same with other regions. As a community with same hobbies and interest, the mass hunting just like a moment when each of photographers can show his unique and different style and characteristic among others. FBI became bigger at mid 2010. 

I live at Sungailiat and that time, while being an announcer, I was surprised when a local photographer community, name “Bangka Photographer” suddenly existed. I watched and saw their existence from facebook. Not long after that, they joined mass hunt to Nangka Island held by FBI. And I joined the mass hunt together with friend from this new community from Sungailiat. From that moment, I recently knew that actually, there is new community arose from Sungailiat. The place I live so long. 

It didn’t need long time for me to adapt. Since then, I knew some of them are, Bintang Olym, Maulana Able, Defri Light art, Yosse Rizal, Andi Wigam and Taufik Hidayat. We frequently met at Taufik Hidayat home for a talk and gathered as hobbies. Talking about a dream and a wish to be rose by us together. 

We name this community, Komfos, a short name from Komunitas Fotografer Sungailiat, (Sungailiat Photographer Community). I thought Komfos is officially estabilished in 2010. Since then, a lot of things we did, like regular mass hunt. We also ever hold photography basic workshop for some education institution. We also held social charity gathering to help people around us. 

I thought what Komfos had achieved so far have been a trend setter or role model for other local community from others districts, even for FBI. The main organization for all photographer community in Bangka Belitung Island. We make the first steps for all works previously did by others local group. There is pride of satisfaction what we had achieved for the third year until now. 

For me, there are a lot of things I achieved by becoming a photographer. I meant some of works I did before and after actually supported by this field. I should thank so much for about five years of experiences had given me a remarkable achievement. 

First, I had a desk job that I like. You know, for some people could be unlucky in his works because of his annoying and bored jobs. Right know, I become a multimedia staff whose job is to capture moments of campuses even. Sometime, I am taking pictures of students for media publications. And now, there is good news that, some of my mates can get new cameras with high specification than I got early. And I saw some of them became interested in photography. Perhaps, I moments ahead, we can make mass hunt for internal.

Second, photography also becomes my other living source. Some time, I become wedding or prewedding photographer. And I had invested some money for this job. It is my pleasure to know that some of my friends had recognized me as real photographer. That the man who had works professional in the field. And I hope for the next years I can become more familiar among others companions.

Third, I am happy that, with photography I also can educate people around me. Since I joined as a lecturer in Pahlawan 12, School of Social and Politic in Sungailiat Bangka in 2009, I have opportunity to share and educate students from communication faculty.
I am not afraid to lose skill and knowledge by sharing them with students. In my point of view, by doing this, I am quite sure that my skill and knowledge will be added and expanded. 

Last, photography is actually medium of communication. People from over the world can show and share what he sees within a photo. Right now, a photo becomes an essential element in multimedia era. Through facebook or other social media, we have great opportunities to tell something about our life. 

I hope by showing my photos through social media, I can contributed to my country, whether to support tourism planning, or to show other about my destructive islands.
Photography is not just a photo but it is also a weapon or a flower to spread messages. And it is often told that, it is not about the gear, but it is actually about the man behind the gear. So it depends on us, how to use this gear wise and gentle. And, I am trying to be on that way right now. How about you !. (aksansanjaya) 


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