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How to Choose among Studying abroad or at Home Town

Deciding to take further studies, for some people, are quite pressure. Especially, as they plan to increase their formal education to be a master, a minimum requirement for being a lecture in Indonesia. The next thing need to be decided is choosing the place to reach the master program, a kind of dilemmatic decision indeed. Generally speaking, I believe that it is better for all concern if graduate students from Bangka Belitung pursue his master program abroad especially in US or Europe, particularly if they are going to take journalism or English program.
First of all, it is important to consider the quality of education standard. Certainly, there are so many familiar universities in Indonesia can support students with any programs they have. However, in any parts of the world today, there are many universities from US or Europe ranked in top ten qualified universities over the world because of their highest education standard. Moreover, the universities like Princeton, Harvard, Colum…

Tourism as solution after Tin Era

Many people are going to be quite anxious about the Bangka future after tin mining era end. It is a normal sense, because people of Bangka had been living from tin industry for centuries.  But, tin is indeed a non renewable material on earth, so it is the matter of time that tin will be out of stock someday. That’s why, government are forced to arrange new developing strategies facing the era after tin. In between the strategic options are about concerning in developing agricultural sector or concerning in tourism industry, generally speaking, I believe that it is better for all concerned if local government especially Bangka regency develops tourism field after tin mining era which predictable is going to end for some years ahead.

Becoming Photographer Part 2

The mass hunting, once again become the best medium for all photographers in my islands, and I thought it will be same with other regions. As a community with same hobbies and interest, the mass hunting just like a moment when each of photographers can show his unique and different style and characteristic among others. FBIbecame bigger at mid 2010. 
I live at Sungailiat and that time, while being an announcer, I was surprised when a local photographer community, name “Bangka Photographer” suddenly existed. I watched and saw their existence from facebook. Not long after that, they joined mass hunt to Nangka Island held by FBI. And I joined the mass hunt together with friend from this new community from Sungailiat. From that moment, I recently knew that actually, there is new community arose from Sungailiat. The place I live so long. 

Becoming a Photographer

Being a photographer is never be my child’s imagination. Even after passing bachelor from state university in Bandung, Jawa Barat, the word, “Photography” was just unimportant word than I always speak about singing, fishing or chess fighting as a hobby. The only thing I did with a photo is, when I captured myself with cell phone. This photos were just a breaking the blasé among other activities. Photo was just a medium of telling something, and it was just from me and for me only.
But, at the mid of 2006, when I was joining Bangka Belitung University as a new employer, I never imagine that three years after that, I would enter the world “capturing with light”, and then getting crazy about photography.
The story began when my supervisor asked me to set up new order of camera. Actually, I didn’t buy the camera but our institution bought it, I just wrote the type and specification of the camera, and then submitted it to supervisor. Not long after, I got my first camera, Nikon D60 kit with …

Becoming Local Announcer

Becoming local announcer at small city in Indonesia is quite amazing and unique, especially for announcer in radio of Dangdut segmented. You will face some unique person, a lot of characters from distance pace, variety in argot, playing the same song for the same person, or being given gifts from someone who like you although they never see your face.  

Here, I am talking about my past experiences when I was joining the 98,8 FM Dunia Dangdut (DD FM) Radio Station. I had been an announcer for six years, since 2006 till 2012. That six years moment had given me more memories about grass root people and to know closer person from many places than mine.