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Tanjung Kelayang

Tanjung Kelayang
A Wonderful Noon

Bangka Belitung, province of beautiful islands offers wonderful beaches. From my past story, you probably had known some spots of tourism. If you hadn’t, it’s better to open the label and see some beaches I am talking about.

For this new update, I capture nice views from Sungailiat district. Tanjung Kelayang, it’s named located among Parai Tenggiri Beach and Resort and Matras Beaches. Local habits are familiar with the two spots. Because they have already been famous for entirely people in Bangka Belitung. But, I bet less people know where Tanjung Kelayang is.

So, here I am going to tell you short description of this wonderful peninsula. First, how getting to beach. For the beginning, you must go to Bangka island Indonesia [heee]. There are lot of Tour Travels that can guide you to any tourism spots in Bangka Belitung. Just ask them to accompany to Kelayang Beach. Its so easy.

If you keen on, you may use taxi after landing in Depati Amir airport. There, y…

Kuil Budha Mahayana Lubuk Kelik

Mahayana Hills on The Bukit Kelik Hills
A place offer nice view and fresh water

Located on one of the tops of hills that back the Sungailiat City in one side, This temple become one of favorite place to come. Its name “ Wisata Alam Religi Bukit Lubuk Kelik,” a place where Buddhist Mahayana visit and pray. To get there, it’s so easy because near to the city center. Local people especially the younger use motorcycle to the place about 35 km away from Pangkalpinang and 1 km away from the center of Bangka district. Some say, it located on Lubuk Kelik Hills, other say its on Bukit Betung, majority even say its located on bukit semut.

Because it’s height about 500 meters, and 45 degree mires, the visitors need to climb up. But hundreds stairs make it easier to reach the top. Its so mired then, you have make some efforts for it. Don’t forget to bring the drink and some snacks. Although you will find little shop, but when at the top, this can be useful.

Okey, I’ll tell you, the A to Z in how to…