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TELUK LIMAU; A Small Beautiful Bay in Sungailiat


A Small Beautiful Bay in Sungailiat

One of tourism spot in Sungailiat, Bangka Kabupaten is Teluk Limau. As its name, this is actually small bay with some boats in it. Located about 5 km away from center of city district, Sungailiat.

An easy access to the bay, because it still inclusive to the two well known beaches in Sungailiat, Parai Tenggiri Beach and Matras Beach. Although it is just a bay, but it offer luxuries scenes.

Its typical outlook are coconut tress grow on the way to the bay. The granite stones fulfill the sea shore. They become common in variety size. The main scene is a bay it self, where the fishermen from local village hitch their boat.

The bay also become a place where coral reef grows. Some researcher and students from Bangka Belitung University often do the research here.On Vacation day, this place are visited by local people.

Below I upload some pictures about the Teluk Limau, perhaps some day You can come and have some fun here, Relaxing or snorkeling, …

Tanjung Penyusuk, A Paradise at The North of Bangka

A Paradise at The North of Bangka

On Sunday, August, 2nd, accompanied by friends, we traveled to the north of Bangka Island. It’s for the twice, I go to this cape. They named the place as Tanjung Penyusuk. Located 10km away from the center of Belinyu Distric.

I still remember how it looks like, although I could not remember precisely. It had limpid sea water. Groups of granit stones looked grow from the bottom of sea. Variety in size made it unique view. Then the view of the two islands in front of the cape with a lighthouse at one of them. That the memories I had so far.
Tanjung penyusuk is still the same I imagine before. Although the sea tin mining spread at the sea shore at all Bangka island but, Penyusuk is still safe from this exploitation.

When we arrived, we’ll stand on white sand. The Penyusuk is a half of football field width, among left side, you will see a long sea shore , while stones scattered among the beach. On the other side, you will see many rocks hills, or stand …