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Bedaun In Black White

Few Months ago, I was travelling to other tourism spot in my lovely country, Sungailiat. Un like other province in Indonesia, Bangka Belitung don't have mountain, They only have beaches as well as Sungailiat.

At the spot, I captures the scenes, and got this two pictures, Through my Nokia 5610 lens, The scenes then I change it to black and white. Perharp,it can give unique sensation.

Here are the pics


Early at Teluk Limau

I went to Teluk Limau yesterday Monday, early in the morning. At 6 o'clock, but the sun has shined so bright. The weather in dry season, so my goal to capture sun shine was too late.

But, I could record the moment, perharp You may enjoy, how it's scene, the Teluk Limau from Nikon D40, with standard lens.

Here the pics

Some Spots for Relax in Sungailiat (Part II)

After taking bath at Kwan Im godnees, You may visit Teluk Uber beach, its located at east of Sungailiat, about 20 minutes long. Actually, not only teluk uber, but also tanjung pesona, tanjung asmara, and rebo can be reached in one direction. Each is nearly, and connected by long road that lines the hills at the east .

Teluk Uber offers white sand at the sea bank, widely covered almost structure of beach. Some infrastructures support the area to be more enjoyable. The motel is available here. So, for you who want taking a little bit longer, may spend the nights here while the scenery was amazing. Through the window, visitor can watch sunrise and the sea panorama a head.

Mini barbeque shop also available at down near the bank. So, for you who like to taste sea food like fish, the spot can offer it.

While, if you wanna continue the travel, may go to Tanjung Pesona beach. One of famous tourism spot in Sungailiat. Here, the hotel and motel built same as resto, cafĂ©, swimming pool, sport cen…

Here Are Some Spots for You to Relax in Sungailiat (Part I)

Travelling in Sungailiat, one of cities in Bangka Belitung Province can be enjoyable. Some nice spots actually available near to city center. All what you need is a motorcycle and a drinking water, don’t forget a pocket camera. With friends accompany You, travelling in Sungailiat can be interesting activities.

II suggest for the first, travelling to Lubuk Kelik Hills where Klenteng for Budhism located. From City center, you drive to jalur dua street, then reach the acrros. Just turn right, you will pass chinesee village, Lubuk Kelik area. About 15 minutes then, right side of the street, there is a sign tell the location pricisily.

The road then became more uphill. But in agood condition, your motor can reach the top, coz the road are paving block made. Its suggested to come early in the morning, or late in the afternoon. The view it offer, sunset and sunrise was amazing from the top.

Then, you may come down, and plan to visit Dewi Kwan Im Bathing, A palce where people go and have a bat…

Becoming a Worker

Yesterday, I had such conversation to my friend, this is about how hard to become worker. The unlucky position viewed from four sides of jobs by Robert T. Kiyosaki.

At the moment, then I really realize why he many times, say the best job is becoming businessman than a worker from his book, Rich Dad Poor Dad, I am really understand, why he said there are less rich people but they control all things in the world.

Then I imagine, what I am like within five or ten years a head?, will I still deal with administration works, writing letters, or such kinds of it for entirely of my life?. I have friend, He ever asked me joined Multi level marketing, I join then, while he has driving his own car, he just need two years to get his first car. Two years, I still have nothing.

He is now as busy as me, I am handling my administrations stuff , he is doing too. I deal with a lot of people, and he is doing the same. But what differ it, I have boss while he has partners, I wake up early then late at ho…

Ternyata begini cemburu?

Seperti dilecehkan harga diri, seperti dibuang begitu saja ke tong sampah..
Sering merajut kasih, baru sekarang amarah ku seperti awan gelap yang ingin menerjang penghalang didepan.

Aku asing pada kata cemburu, yang tampak padaku seperti kosakata asing yang ku temui pada bab-bab terakhir. Pikir ku, ia tak matching dengan hal ihwal asmara, itu menurut ku. Dan seperti itulah, narasi egois ini bersampingan dengan usia yang ke-28. Cinta adalah keridhaan, bila dia cinta tak akan kemana-mana arah melangkah. Ini semacam pakem yang ku pegang sedari dulu.

Demikianlah lalu, malam ini bagaimana cinta membunuhku bukan kepalang. Kata asing itu menelanku bulat-bulat hingga pengap udara. Sesak nafasku alang kepalang. Beginilah lalu ia tidak main-main. Kata asing itu muncul dalam wujud asli. Kekasarannya tak tanggung-tanggung.

Di depan aku, jelas aku merasa. Katakanlah bila ini salah besar atau hati memang tak pernah bohong pada ku. Tampaknya yang kedua ini berlaku.

Engkau menenggelamkan aku pada biduk y…